Wildwood Canyon Villa Assisted Living and Memory Care - Yucaipa, CA Wildwood Canyon Villa Assisted Living and Memory Care - Yucaipa, CA Wildwood Canyon Villa Assisted Living and Memory Care - Yucaipa, CA  

Memory Care

Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias:  How Do You Know When It’s Time for More Help?

Whether you’re a personal caregiver, have hired an in-home caregiver, or are wondering if more than basic assisted living care is needed, we can help.  Memory care needs are often gradual and sometimes even puzzling.  One day’s fine, while another is not. Some clear signs that it may be time for memory care include repeated falls, missed medication, inconsistent hygiene, wandering, and increasing agitation.  It’s often challenging for families and drop-in caregivers to offer the kind of constant and consistent care that is needed at this stage.

While you, your parent, or friend, value total independence, concerns about safety and well-being are important, too. There comes a time when it just makes sense to seek out professional, full-time care from skilled, capable experts who know exactly what to do and love working with seniors.  Wildwood Canyon Villa’s caring and professional staff will work collaboratively to assess what’s needed, and determine the appropriate supportive environment and array of services that would best facilitate personal growth and development, foster enhanced self confidence, and ensure success in everyday life.

Memory Care. It’s Delightfully Different Here.

At Wildwood Canyon Villa’s Memory Care Gardens, our residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias still live a surprisingly engaging and active life. Unlike nursing homes or foster care homes for older adults with memory impairments, at Wildwood Canyon Villa we focus well beyond the basics. We’re committed to providing active, regular routines that minimize agitation. At the same time we seek out opportunities to individually and actively engage each resident in ways that are meaningful and heartfelt. Our personalized approach offers comfort, familiarity and joy in a warm, nurturing residential environment that feels like home.

Excellent Amenities and Services.

Residents of Wildwood Canyon Villa Memory Care Gardens will enjoy a  private apartment that is attractive and spacious, with just the right amenities to provide a warm comforting place to really feel at home, surrounded by familiar personal belongings. Our distinct memory care gardens community is inviting yet safe and secure with a stunning outdoor courtyard that is sure to inspire relaxation. Click here to learn more about our amenities and services.

Sweet Reminiscing and New Treasured Memories

Fostering trips down memory lane not only builds self-esteem and provides an enhanced sense of belonging; it also creates a precious, loving and lasting connection to family and friends.  At Wildwood Canyon Villa, we keep our residents engaged through a wealth of activities and one-on-one spontaneous opportunities for companionship, including frequent arts and crafts classes, sip-and-chats over “life books” we lovingly help our residents build, scenic “remember when” bus rides and decorating for the holidays. There are also plentiful regular, fun activities our residents enjoy, such as “Happy Hour Hoedown”, our resident walking club, kickball and carnival games.

A Comforting Constant in the Face of Change

Our staff closely monitors our residents and reports regularly to families.  When health needs increase for the short or long-term, we coordinate any needed services, making it easy on our residents and their families, while maintaining consistency of care and a predictable routine.

Join Us Anytime

There’s so much more we could tell you, though we’d much prefer you come check us out and find out for yourself.  Take advantage of our respite care or short-term stay option. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to explore the difference at Wildwood Canyon Villa. Need more details?

Call us anytime, (909) 446-0405.

Click here to see floor plans of our Memory Care Studios



Alzheimer's Association Virtual Library

Página de la Asociación de Alzheimer en español

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